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Mezcal is a traditional Mexican alcoholic beverage made by distilling hearts of the agave plant. Mezcal is often sold with a worm inside the bottle which gives the drink a special taste, makes it original, attractive and encloses its mystical origins. Mezcal can only be produced in specific geographical regions of Mexico (protected Denomination of Origin) . Particularly, our mezcal is produced in the State of Oaxaca, which is known for being the most important Mezcal producer in Mexico. Our products are top quality with a unique and superior taste.

Our network of mezcal producers is committed to provide only high quality products:

 Mezcal from the finest agave varieties
 Mezcal produced by artisan distilleries with more than 60 years of experience producing mezcal
 Mezcal 100% agave (Superior Quality) from Oaxaca

On the other hand we also offer distillate of agave, also a high quality product but with a lower alcohol content, offering also a great taste and a traditional agave spirit. The main difference between mezcal and the distillate of agave resides on the alcohol content, and percentage of agave sugar content.
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