Sell MiDi DVD Player DMD-808

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* The player can play super-capability MiDi disc (including some songs with singers voice) , compatible with CD, VCD, DVCD, MP3, SCVD, DVD disc.

* A piece of MiDi disc can contain more than 20,000 MiDi songs.

* Input/Output design: S-video, (Y, U, V) and compositive video output; six channel, coaxial, fiber optics (optical) , Mix (L/R) audio output.

* The karaoke disc contains high-definition and moving background.

* Digital karaoke comes with double microphone, echo function. You can adjust accompany TEMPO for enjoyment.

* The scoring function is able to enhance your enjoyment. Meanwhile, the user can set karaoke score range by himself.

* Multi-angle, multi-view, multi-audio, multi-subtitle function.

* The user can choose 50 songs to play in order or sequence play mode.

* Multifunction menu for remote control, to make the operation more intuitionistic and easier.

* Multi-levels fast-forward, fast backward, SLOWF and SLOWER motion.

* Zooms, program, step play, resume stop and repeat function.