Sell MiDi DVD Player DMD-838

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* The player can play MiDi disc (including some
songs with singers voice) , compatible with CD,
VCD, DVCD, MP3, DVD discs.

* A piece of MiDi disc can contain more than
20,000 MiDi songs

* Input/output design: S-video and compositive
video output; six channel, coaxial, fiber
optics (optical) , Mix (L/R) audio output.

* The karaoke disc include plenty of midi songs,
dance, celebration music as well as some songs
with singers voice, to make you have more
choices while enjoying karaoke or learning how
to sing.

* Digital karaoke comes with double microphone,
echo function. You can adjust TEMPO to
experience pleasurable music.

* The user can set theft proof function. This is
to prevent customers taking away the disc, set
an opening cipher.

* The scoring function is able to enhance your
enjoyment. Meanwhile, the user can set karaoke
score range.

* Multifunction menu for remote control, to make
the operation more intuitionistic and easier.

* Multi-angle, Multi-view, multi-audio, multi-
subtitle function.

* Multi-level fast forward, fast backward, SLOWF
and SLOWER motion.

* The user can choose 50 songs to play in order
or sequence play mode.

* Zooms, program, step play, resume stop and
repeat function.