Sell MiDi VCD Player MD-320

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1. Compatible with VCD/DVCD/CD/ MP3 and MiDi Disc.

2. Built-in Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Thai, Brazil, Korean and other languages letters, able to play the MiDi disc with mentioned languages.

3. Built-in Chinese-English switched screen operation indication, convenient for customers all over the world.

4. Using Gallo professional music composed CMOS chip---SAM9793, to make the music more exquisite and full of administrative levels.

5. Built-in scoring function, according to the singers level showing the scores on the screen after sing a song to gain amusement.

6. Out-set score-input faucet, even if using other peripheral Kara-OK equipment to sing, also able to realize scoring function and pastimes goal.

7. Powerful professional Kara-OK function, including 12 steps key adjustment, 12 steps tempo adjustment, 13 steps output volume adjustment, 7 kinds of music scene choice (Rock, Classic, Stadium, Disco, Plaza, Jazz and normal) , motive choice, reserved 12 songs memory function, to make you sing different genders songs with facility and leisureliness.

8. Shortcut ordering songs speed, able to play each song in 5 seconds after ordering when playing a MiDi disc with over 20,000 songs.