Sell Mica Powder

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Physics, chemical property

Mica Powder, colourless to light green color flaky crystallization body, it is to be brilliant to belong to monocline with good elasticity, transparency, mechanical intensity and insulating ability, the meltability is more than 1260 degrees. The hardness of mica is 2-3, specific gravity 2.7-3.
Chemical character stable, acid resistant, corrosion-resistant, resist and weather.

Mica powder is divided into dry dry ground mica powder and wet ground minca powders according to processing technology:
1) Dry ground mica powder : 20M 40M 60M 80M 100M 200M 325M 400M 500M 600M 800M 1000M 1250M 2500M
2) Wet ground mica powder : 100M 200M 325M 400M 500M 600M 800M 1000M 1250M 2500M


The mica powder is used in many fields, such as insulating, paint, coating, plastics, rubber, pottery, petroleum, well drilling, welding rod, papermaking, building materials, cosmetics, fire control, drug, air industry etc.