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Mica ; a layer-structured mineral, is composed of polassium (k) , aluminium ( Al) , magness (Mg ) andlithium etc. there are defferent categories of mica, including dolimite, phlogopite, biotite and lepidolite (lithia mica) . domolite is widely used in industry and nationaldefense because it is springly, tenacious and insulant; it is also acid-and alkaili-resisting, and corrosionproof, which can be stripped with low coefficient of expansion and stable in physical and chemical property. except this , it is smooth on the surface of flakes , thick in layer, regulai in shape with strong adhesion and slippeiness, widely used in many chinese and foreign prestigious enterprises.

Mica power is also the basic raw material for mica porcelain products.

Mica power can be applied in protecting layer of welding rods, inducting wires and electric cables.

It can be used as suspended substance in fire-fighting dry power.

It can be taken as a filler, ashelter, a lubricating substance , a drawing of pattens in plastics, rubber, asbestor products and sealing materials.

It can also be used as a filler in degreasing agent of cosmetics, in insulating materials of high-frequent electric waves and acid-durale products.

It can be used as coating in modelsod forcasting metal, the brightenly materials in aluminium and paint in eletroplating bath.