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For the last 22 years, the company we represent has been one of the leading producers in the region regarding equipment (armatures) for food, oil and pharmaceutical industry as well as production of mini/micro-breweries.

Up to now we have produced round 20 such breweries for the clients worldwide.
ISO 9001:2000 standard is applied.

Micro breweries have become quite popular among beer lovers all over the world. What makes them special is the fact that they provide the production of beer from pure barley malt, with no addition of substitutes, resulting in beer of specific taste and quality, whose features exceed by far the average quality of the industrially brewed beers. As opposed to them, this home - made beer is being drawn at the pub counter directly from the brewing plant, free of any chemical additives, preservatives and processing intended to prolong its life.

Our micro brewing equipment enables the production of various beer types: from light to dark ones, with either more or less extract in the original wort, and consequently more or less alcohol content in the final product.
The entire pub micro- brewery equipment is made of the top quality stainless steels procured from the world's best manufacturers, delivered with certificates and guarantees.
Depending on the customer's wishes, micro brew-house vessels can also be delivered with copper or brass coating to match the existing pub interior. Beside this basic technological equipment, we can also deliver the accompanying power equipment, beer filtration apparatus and KEG racking machines. The output of our pub - breweries is adjustable.

The initial output of equipment may also be extended by increasing the number of weekly brews and by adding more fermenting and storage tanks. The brewing process itself is rather simple and requires no skilled labor force. It can be managed by your existing personnel.

For more info, arrange of production facilities, our functional brewery, price list and on-line catalogues please send us the mail or call us directly.
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