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XB-800 Syringe Pump syringe pump is routine use equipment for hospital emergent treatment, cure and nursing. It adopts the new technology of microcomputer with compact structure. It has multi-intelligent alarm functions, could use disposable syringe of many kinds of , strong functions and use convenient. It is especially suitable for exact micro infusion or quick infusion for long time. This product is use for push the syringe to control the liquid amount into patient body for medical institution.

1. Work Condition
1.1 Ambient temperature: +5c -- 40c
1.2 Relative humidity: 20-90%
1.3 Power supply: AC220V, 50HZ
1.4 Built-in batteries: 12V, 1.2h/A (Undervoltage value < 10.5V)
It can be used for 2 hours continuously after 24 hours full charged.
1.5 Atmospheric Pressure: 860hpa-1060hpa
1.6 Storage Temperature: -40c-+55c
2. Basic Parameters
2.1 Dimensions (mm) : 320 (L) /145(W) /120(H)
2.2 Weight: Approximately 3 kg
2.3 Power Consumption: <19.8VA
2.4 Compatible Syringe Size: 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml Disposable
2.5 Infusion Flow Selection: 0.1-199.9ml/h, original value is 0.1ml/h
2.6 Infusion Range: 0.1-999.9ml, original value is 0.1ml
2.7 Occlusion Pressure: 40K-70K pa
2.8 Flow Rate Precision: 0.1ml/h-50ml/h
3%50ml/h-Flow Rate-199.9ml/h
2.9 Alarm: Self-Test, Occlusion, Nearly Finish, Finish, Low battery,
Standby, Move
2.10 Functions: Syringe's Type Test, Transfusion amount display, Flow rate display, Power display, Auto-Alarm, KVO function

After power off, the electrical memory function keeps for five years
(Only effective for setting content)
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