Sell Micro-wave Treatment instrument(Buggy)

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Micro-wave Treatment instrument(Buggy) adopts unique switch power technology; micro-wave output is highly steady. It is suitable to cure various phlogosis and accrementition affection. Its physiotherapy mode can promote blood circulation, enhance metastasis and has obvious antiphlogosis, spasmolysis and analgecization function. Its therapy modes can thermal-coagulate the nidus rapidly and effectively, which has good hematischesis effects.

Application scale:

Department of obstetrics and gynecology: cervical erosion, cervical polyp, condyloma acuminatum, cervical mucosa myoma, womb blooding, cunnus excrescence, hydatoncus, colpitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, pruritus of the external genitalia, wound healing after giving birth.

E. N. T. department: inferior concha hypertrophy, nosebleed, rhinopolypus, sinusitis, allergicrhinitis, chronic hypertrophic rhinitis, ulceratiue stomatitis, chronic pharyngitis, tonsillitis, papilloma of external auditory meatus, auditory canal inflammation, sudden hearing loss, tinnitus.

Surgery: various surgeries operations cuts, various infection and wounds that have a long resistance to treatment, various acute and chronic inflammations, wound canker, pyogenesis and so on.

Department of anus and bowel: internal hemorrhoid, external hemorrhoid, mixed hemorrhoid, anus polypus, anus eczema.

Department of dermatology: skin ulcer, various dermatitis, tetter, skin tinea, hydroderma, chilblain, condyloma acuminatum, bromhidrosis, skin tag, herpes zoster and so on.

Department of physiotherapy: Prostatitis, arthritis, periarthritis humeroscapularis, strain and contusion, cholecystitis, mastitis, rheumatism, wound heal after surgery and so on.

Instrument features:

High-frequency switch power design, wide network application scale

The newest micro-computer fuzzy control, high reliability

Imported micro-wave pipe, high output efficiency

Micro-wave therapy, inside and outside cava physiotherapy function

Therapy time can be pre-set and memory be stored

Technology targets:

Power supply voltage: 220V,50HZ

Work frequency: 2450MH

Max output power: physiotherapy 40W, therapy 100W

Micro-wave leakage: <=1mw/cm2