Sell Microcomputer Gilding and Mould Cutting Dual-purpose Machine

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This machine is a kind of special equipment used for thermo-printing and creasing various products, such as cardboard, leather and plastic etc. It is suitable for thermo-printing various paper products with electrochemical aluminum and also used as a creasing and cutting machine for moule cutting and creasing cardboard cases and boxes. Concave convex thermo printing of various high-grade and fine printed products can also be conducted on this machine for obtaining stereoscopic exquisite and beautiful packing and decorating products. The machine is controlled by a chip microprocessor, with the foil-feeding rubber roller of electrochemica aluminum driven by the separately set length and leapfrog parameters to make the most effective using of electrochemical aluminum. purpose of this model is to ensure that the system runs stably and reliably so that the machine can be maintained by anybody.