Sell Microcomputer Relaying Protection Measuring System

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1. 13-channel simultaneous output, i. e. simultaneously output, of different frequencies and phases, six-channel voltage and six-channel current and one channel of 3U0; voltage 0-120V, current 0-30A.

2. The upper computer adopts network-based (intranet, internet) data communication of upper-lower computers, which is easier and faster than traditional serial or parallel ports. It provides a strong digital software and hardware platform for the development trend of power industry networking and remote measurement and control; the customer can conduct real-time monitoring and remote test of the field instrument through network.

3. The lower computer uses the condensed and stable Windows CE embedded operating system, Windows interface style, small but fast applications running on a stable system with user friendly interfaces. It was the first in the industry to use keyboard shortcuts for tests.

4. Uses 8.4 TFT (800*600) true color LCD, can set different interface skins according to various field visibility. It provides visual diagram display, which is convenient for observation.

5. Can operate either connected or disconnected to computer, the upper and lower computers can work simultaneously while connected or work independently while disconnected, each has full measuring capacity.

1. Source voltage: single phase AC 220V120%, power 1,000VA; source frequency: 50HZ110%

2. Six-phase current source: per phase current 0~30A, three-phase in parallel 0~90A; permanently allowed working values: per phase current 10A; maximum short term 10S working value: three-phase in parallel 90A, resolving power 1mA, output power 400VA per phase, frequency range 0~1250HZ, current sourcing transient response ∠ 505S

3. Six-phase voltage source: per phase voltage 0~120V, line-to-line voltage 0~240V, resolving power 1mV, maximum output power 60W, frequency range 0~1250HZ, voltage transient response ∠ 505US

4. DC source: volt amplitude 0~300V, relative precision 0.2%, power 100VA, DC current0~30A, power 300W, relative precision 0.2%, resolving power 1mA

5. Precisions:

5.1 Current precision: relative precision at 0.2% within the range of 0.2A~30A
5.2 Voltage precision: relative precision at 0.1% within the range of 1V~120V
5.3 Frequency precision at 50HZ has an error less than 0.001HZ, frequency-grading 0.001HZ
5.4 Phase precision, error less than 0.2 degree, range +360 degrees, resolving power 0.1 degree
5.5 Output sine wave distortion: lesson than 0.4%
5.6 Time measuring range 0~999.999s, error 0.1ms

6. Output voltage load capability: 60W per phase

7. Output current load-on capability: 400W per phase, 910W for three-phase in parallel.

8. Auxiliary DC source 220V/110V/0.6A, with precision and stability better than 0.5%

9. Allowed ambient temperature: 20~75 degrees, humidity < 90%

10. Harmonic numbers: overlapping 1~10 harmonics.

11. Switching value input level: eight pairs, idle contacts and electric potential (10V~250V) contacts are compatible.

12. Output contacts: four pairs of idle contacts, capacity at 250V/2A

13. Physical dimension of the instrument: 460mm (L) x 167mm (W) x 320mm (H) , weight 20kg