Sell Microfiber Bath Mat and Foot Rug

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Microfiber Bath Mat and Foot Rug

Item No. : MFFM-002
Size: 40*65cm
Fuction: Step out of the shower onto a thick, soft, super absorbent microfiber Mat. Dries quickly without harboring mildew and bacteria. Equipped with rubber nodes on bottom to prevent sliding.
Absorbent, Dries quickly, soft and durable, will not slide

Microfiber is an incredible product that is a blend of polyester (scrubbing and clinging material) and polyamide (a nylon by-product, the absorbent and quick drying material) . Microfiber is a Streak Free, Lint Free, Super Absorbent textile which can be used dry for dusting and polishing. Microfiber is chemical free and hypoallergenic that when slightly dampened with water will clean most any washable surface with or without the aid of chemical cleansers or solvents. Its many uses include: bath, beauty, personal care, pet and equestrian care. In addition there are many uses for auto, boat, RV, motorcycle as well as housekeeping and janitorial cleaning. Each fiber is approximately 1/20th the diameter of a strand of silk and is 100 times finer than a human hair. The fibers are split and combined during the manufacturing which creates a fiber that is greatly increased in surface area. The increased surface area and structure of the newly combined fibers is what gives Microfiber its special cleaning and drying abilities. It is much preferred over conventional cloths available today. How Does It Work? Imagine a microscopic plastic wire that cuts through and breaks apart dust, dirt, grime and moisture and then picks it up like a magnet without scratching the surface. Microfiber absorbs 7-10 times its weight in moisture and can be used safely on any surface. No streaking, smearing or spreading! And it does this so much more effectively than traditional cleaning cloths. You can actually "feels" this "miracle cloth" grab your fingerprints as you run your fingers across it. Yet these cloths are so soft to the touch and they will not harm any surface! How Should I Use Microfibers Microfiber can be used dry or wet, depending on your cleaning needs. Use it dry for dusting and polishing. Use it damp with just plain water. It can clean virtually any spill, stain or dirt, leaving a lint free, streak free surface. These superfine fibers reach into cracks, crevices and corners cutting