Sell Microfiber Washcloth

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Dimensions (l x w) 12" x 12"
Color: ups to customers
Shape: square
Microfiber Type:waffle weave (cleaning, gentle scrubbing, drying)
Uses:cleaning, gentle scrubbing, drying (kitchen or bathroom)
Washable: machinary wash
Usable Surface:Front & Back
Use in the Bathroom
Refresh your skin every time you wash with our microfiber wash cloth. It is uniquely textured to exfoliate without being harsh on your skin. It deep cleans and exfoliates like no other washcloth can. This cloth is woven from luxuriously soft, ultra-fine microfibers making it ideal for even the most sensitive skin. Its innovative fabric dries quickly after each use, keeping it fresh between washings and poised to bring out your skin's glow again and again. The ultra fine fibers are extremely absorbent so they hold much more soap or body wash than a normal cloth would. Users have experienced a decrease in acne, younger looking skin, diminishment of scars and more from using this amazing cloth. It gently exfoliates and removes residual impurities from your skin.

Use in the Kitchen
Clean and dry dishes easier than ever. The superior waffle weave pattern on this cloth allows you to scrub and remove caked on dirt without harming the surface. This wascloth has the unique ability of being abrasive without risk of damage. Just gentle wiping will give the results that scrubbing with a regular cloth will. Use it dry to wipe down dishes after thaey are washed. The advanced microfiber material is great for drying too. It will literally pull the water from your dishes, leaving them dry, streak-free, lint-free and polished. It can also be used to wipe down counters and stovetops, clean spills and more. The tough material will stand up to years of abuse. Each cloth is 100% reusable and washable. You will never use a different kind of washcloth again.