Sell Microminiature Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor    

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This kind of capacitor applies stacked construction. It is sealed by the flame-retarded epoxy resin. It has good reliable, low loss, good electrical features, uniform dimension, and sell-healing effect.

It is suitabie for all kinds of radial taping and can be automatic assemble. it can be widely applied in all kinds of circuit of DC and pulse


: 50/63V:0.001~1.05F 100V:0.001~0.335F

Reference standard GB/T15448-95(IEC384-19)

Climatic category 55/100/56
Voltage proof 1.6 UR
Capacitance tolerance J:15%K:110%M:120%
Dissipation factor <=0.01(1KHZ,200)
Insulation resistance CR<=0.335F >=15000M(Ohms)
CR<=0.335F >=5000S(200,1min