Sell Microplate Reader DNM-9602G

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The instrument is mostly used for the detections of viruses, germina, symbols of tumour, human bodys hormones and other items based on the principles of immunology in the clinical tests;
The instrument has two main components: the mainframe and the printer.
The mainframe is composed of optic system, 8-channel detection system, singlechip system and enzymatic plate driving system.
The instrument can detect enzymatic plate that has 96 or 48 wells.
The instrument can detect absorbency and do quantitative, qualitative and kinetic detection.
The instrument maximally memories 30 programs in common use and displays parameters of the programs on LCD;
The instrument can automatically select filters for different items;
When the instrument starts up, it will auto-check at first. Then an initial setting and self-check will begin to operate. If there is something wrong, the corresponding prompt will appear on the screen;
The instrument has printing and communication function.
The instrument has quality control function.
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