Sell Microplate Reader

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1. Graphical operating interface, menu designed for convenient use.
2. 500 programmable analysis items.
3. Four measure method:Single wavelength/Dual wavelength/Fixed time/Kinetics.
4. Eleven analysis means:
ABS/Cut-Off/Single point regression/Multipoint regression/Linear regression/ABS%/Exponential Regresssion/Logarithm Regression/Dual Logarithm Regression/Logit Regression/Polynomial Regression.
5. Performing 12 different tests just in one plate. Flexible Plate Position with Blanks, Reference, Standards, Samples and QC in one screen.
6. Proven optical system with 8 channels optical fiber scanning, auto plate centering system positions the center of the cell accurately. Get reading result in just 10 seconds.
7. Printing patient reports with the thermal printer.
8. Easy connect to PC, comprehensive functions with PC software