Sell Microplate Washer DNX-9620

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1 You can wash the 96-holes enzymatic plate by means of washing 8 or 12 holes every line.
2 The number of lines for each time scouring can be adjusted from 1 to 12(can adjust freely) .
3 The time of an enzymatic plate steeping can be adjusted from 1 to 600 seconds. (can adjust freely) .
4 The mean error of the injected washing liquid volumes in the holes of enzymatic plate is no more than 5%.
5 Average residue of scouring liquid is no more than 2ul in each hole after the enzymatic plate is washed.
6 The automatically circulated scouring times can be adjusted from 1 to 9
3.7 The instrument can save up to 16 programs.
3.8 The instrument can scour its pipeline automatically.
3.9 Dimensions: 480mmW360mmW140mm.
3.10 Weight: 11Kg.
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