Sell Micropore Corundum Refractory Brick

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The product is suitable for large blast furnace ceramic cup, blast tuyere, iron notch and slag notch, which has achieved good application results at Wuhan I&S Corp. (for 3200m3 blast furnace) , Tianjin Tiangang Steel Group(for 2000m3 blast furnace) , Liuzhou Iron&Steel Co. , LTD(for 1260m3 blast furnace) , Hangzhou Iron&Steel Group Co. (for 497m3 blast furnace) .

Typical technical specification:
1) AL2O3: Min85%
2) Fe2O3 : Max0.8%
3) Bulk density:Min3.20g/cm3
4) Apparent porosity:Max14%
5) Cold crushing strength:Min160MPa
6) Air permeability:Max0.5mDa