Sell Microscope Slides And Raw Glass, etc.

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As a leading glass manufacturer and supplier in China, we have been in the field of Microscope Slide & Cover Glass for more than ten years. Our products enjoy very high reputation among our long-standing customers from USA, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, UK, Poland and many other countries.

As we are Ultra-thin Clear Glass manufacturer as well, we have most predominance in processing Microscope Slide made of Ultra-thin Clear Glass. Our Ultra-thin clear glass is manufactured by our glass production line introduced from Belgium, which is one of the China's most modern and environmentally friendly lines. On-line computerized inspections of the glass during manufacture, as well as quality inspections during reprocessing to Microscope slide, ensure the highest quality product.

Microscope Slide:

L Thickness:0.8mm to 1.2mm. Special thickness is available as per your requirements.

L Size:1"x3". Special size is available as per your requirements.

L Type no.7101,7102,7103,7104,7105,7107,7105-1,7107-1

L Packing:50pcs/pack x 50packs/carton; 72pcs/pack x 50packs/carton

Cover Glass

L Thickness:0.13-0.17mm

L Shape: Rectangle, round.

L Packing:100pcs/pack x 500packs/carton

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