Sell Microteaching

Popular classes, seminars or presentations by professional experts, and other important live events on campus are always limited by the space available. So either some student has to give up the opportunities to receive the courses or the instructors or experts have to spend their precious time and repeat the same course again and again. Not mention some of the important courses are just one time only!

Enhanced features
>Display the teaching in Different Room at the Same Time - TopDomain Microteaching is a complete turnkey solution for the school to have live event broadcasting for classrooms which are in different locations of the campus. The live events can be a lecture, speech, collaboration, seminar, brainstorm and more.

>Maximize the Coverage of Excellent Education Resources - TopDomain Microteaching enables schools to rapidly create learning resources and to "mix and match" portions of these events with recorded course to create attractive learning activities! TopDomain Micorteaching will help schools extend classroom learning, maximize precious educational resources for rapid learning, and increase return on learning investment.