Sell Microwave Multifunction Therapeutic Apparatus

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Characteristics of the apparatus:
1. Patented product with innovative luxurious design and the environment-friendly;
2. Large display and simple application;
3. Military frequency converter technique with accuracy and reliable output;
4. Imported Panasonic magnetron with stable performance;
5. There is a full range surgical instrument, which are made of special metal materials, durable and not accretionary, and easy to be sterilized;
6. With multiple functions, and it can be applied to many kinds of focuses.

Treatment modes:
Treatment mechanisms making use of the microwave's pyrogenicity effect and non-heating effect to biological tissues, the machine can carry out operations as haemostasis, coagulation, scorching or dephlogistication, detumescence, odynolysis, improvement of the local blood circulation, etc. , thus achieve the goal of cure different diseases.

Treatment modes:
CWBZ-1 serial microwave multifunction therapeutic apparatuses can be divided into treatment mode and physical therapy mode. According to the different focuses, the different modes can be applied.

Applicable for:
1. Department of gynecology:
Cervical erosion, polypi, condyloma accuminatum, cyst of uterus, functional uterine bleeding, colpitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, appendagitis, mastitis, wound healing after abdominal delivery, wound infection in region abdominalis and perineal region, induration, vulval edema, leukoplakia vulvae etc. ;
2. Department of otorhinolaryngology:
Rhinitis, nasal polyp, hemorrhinia, hypertrophy of nasal turbinates, pharyngitis, otitimedia, tonsilitis, polypof vocal cord, nodulus lymphaticus in the posterior wall of gorge etc. ;
3. Department of surgery:
Postoperational bone union, periosteitis, surgical hemostasis, convalescence of surgical cut etc. ;
4. Department of digestion:
Alimentary tract hemorrhage, polypi scorching, distention of esophagus stenosis, gastric cancer, esophageal cancer getting through etc. ;

5. Department of dermatology:
Bromidrosis, angioneoplasm, acute posterior ganglionitis, eczema, condyloma accurminatum, verruca plana juvenilis, dermal ulcer, flare, perfrigeration, wound infection etc. ;
6. Department of stomatology:
Polypi, cementoperiostitis, ulcer, periapical periodontitis, gingival bleeding, capillary angiomas, mastoi tumor, lichen planus, oral leukoplakia, glossitis, recurrent aphtha etc. ;
7. Department of rehabilitation and physiotherapy:
Sprain, lumbar muscle strain, periarthritis of shoulder, arthritis, lumbar interventebral disc herniation, ischioneuralgia, peritendinitis, sprain of the ankle, Achilles tendonitis, gentle gastritis, colonitis, healing of the surgical cut, rehabilitation of bone wounds etc.
8. Department of urology:
Prostatitis, prostatic hypertrophy etc. . .

Technique Parameters:
Working Power: 220V+-10%, 50Hz+-1%
Working frequency: 2450MHz +-50MHz
Output Power: 0-100W continuously adjustable
Power consumption of the machine: <=300W
Ambient Temperature: 10-40 C degree
Relative humidity: <=80%