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SIWI electronics high performance thin film circuit manufacturing capability is supported by an experienced team of microwave engineers and technicians delivering a responsive and quick turnaround service.

With the full set of Italian technology produce line in a class 10,000 clean room, we have performance thin film circuit manufacturing capability.

2 x 2-inch alumina tiles (0.010 to 0.25 inches)
Supports integrating of thin film microstrip line, thin film resistor, thin film inductor, interdigital bridge on alumina ceramic (99.6%) .
Hole metallization and abnormity ceramic manufacture
Advantage techniques of bridge connection and capacitance integration
Available for microstrip line facture on high thermal conductivity baseplate such as beryllia
Available for microfabrication for IC kind of small size passive circuit, such as resistors and inductor
Conductor line/space (minimum) : 10125m
Resistance (TaN resistance) : sheet resistance 50 or 100(Ohms)
Error: <10%
Gold plating layer thickness (typical) : 410.55
Width of medium bridge (minimum) : 305m
Span of medium bridge (minimum) : 305m
Contour tolerance of alumina circuit: <+505 (compensate minus tolerance at least 305 for CAD file)
Grounded via (typical) : 0.3mm, 0.4mm (special requirement need to be consult)
Hole resistance: <0.5(Ohms)
Molten corrosion edge size by laser abnormity cutting: 0.2mm
Capability: 50,000pcs per month (or 2 x 2 inches, 1500pcs)
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