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( point-to-point Microwave ) AW--11G-2A FM is a professional of point-to-point microwave radios employing spread spectrum technology. These
radios offer T1/E1 wireless service for line-of-sight distances covering approximately 50 KM. AW-6S radios
operate in the ISM bands of 1.4 and 11 GHz and provide ideal wireless interconnection for private wireless
access, Internet service, LAN/WAN, cellular and PCS/PCN systems.
Key Features 1. Convenience 2. Embedded SNMP 3. Compact and LightweightTwain 4. Twain Audio / One Video 5. Scalability at hub & remote sites 6. Economical 7. High capacity 8. Easy to deploy & maintain 9. Maximizes your investment
Target Customers
1. TV station(Locale live programme) 2. Army School Traffic 3. Internet Service Providers (ISPs ) 4. Cellular / GSM / 3G operators 5. Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs 6. Small Office Home Office (SOHO's) 7. Local and Inter-Exchange Carriers 8. Private Network Operators (PNO's)