Sell Midi Videoke Microphone MK 3/301

Midi Videoke Microphone MK 3/301 You May Also Be Interested In: mk 3
This product(MK3) is newly developed by advanced
technology and support wireless microphone(MK301)
with more excellent quality. It is specially
designed for convenience where there isnt a need
for dvd player or laser disc for you to enjoy
singing karaoke.

* This kit includes: One English
songchip of 1000 songs,
Songbook, A/C power adapter,
RAC cables, Carry Case & User

* MK3 comes with four available
songchips slot and various
language selection such as:
Spanish, Chinese, Philippine,
Vietnamese, Japanese, Portugese,
Korea, French songs, etc.

* Connected to TV with background
picture and lyric of songs
displayed on TV screen

* Bring fun to gathering and ideal
for parties

* Provide features such as echo,
key, tempo and FM modulation for
stereo surround sound effect

* Product made by new technology
and convenience due to its

* Challenge your vocal with
friends using Multiple Karaoke
features or simply score
yourself with Scoring function

MK-301 Wireless Microphone
* Move freely while you sing
without getting tripping
with wires while dancing and

* Receiver with superior internal.

* Control : Speed, Pitch, Music
Volume, Vocal Volume
Condition of Goods
40 x 40 x 300 mm
Model Number
Power Requirements
90V-250V; 50-60 Hz