Sell Midwest High Precision Pointer Micro-structure Oxygen Analyzer

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Model: ZHX18M311
ZHX18M311 series Oxygen Analyzer does not require an external power supply, it will be convenient to carry out such analysis. ZHX18M311 using patented micro fuel cell sensor on the kind of oxygen in the gas concentration measurement. The sensor dedicated to the measurement of oxygen, with absolute zero, a linear signal directly, does not require complicated conversion circuit.
ZHX18M311-analyzer high precision, fast response, is a measure of H2, N2, Ar, He, acetylene, ethylene and butadiene,
CnHm oxygen content and other gases ideal instruments.
Technical parameters:
0 ~ 10000ppm
0 ~ 300000ppm + (calibration range)
0.5% (full scale)
0 ~ +/- 1ppm at 10ppm (at normal temperature and pressure)
0-100ppm at +/- 3ppm
0-1000ppm at +/- 3% F. S
0-10000ppm at +/- 3% F. S
Usage temperature using temperature:
F 50 ~ 122 (10 ~ 50 C)
Response time:
90%: 5 ~ 10s (10 ~ 2000ppm range)
90%: 60s (0 ~ 10ppm range)
+/- 1% (at room temperature)
Sensor type:
220V 50/60Hz
</=25 mA