Sell Midwest Micro-structure Oxygen Analyzer

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Model: T1-311
T1-311 Series Portable Oxygen Analyzer does not require an external power supply, it will be convenient to carry out such analysis. 3t1-11 using patented micro fuel cell sensor on the kind of oxygen in the gas concentration measurement. The sensor dedicated to the measurement of oxygen, with absolute zero, a linear signal directly, does not require complicated conversion circuit.
T1-311-analyzer high precision, fast response, is a measure of H2,
N2, Ar, He, acetylene, ethylene and butadiene,
CnHm oxygen content and other gases ideal instruments. The LAU
After FM-based authentication for the type apparatus, apply to Class 1, Division1 level danger zone.
T1-311 micro-analyzer can switch has four options range :0-10, 0-100, 0-1000, 0-10000ppm O2, as well as a calibration range, the instrument can be used to calibrate the air. 311 by NiCd rechargeable battery to power, with the exchange charging circuit.
No maintenance sensor
T1-311 used for the Class B-2 micro-fuel cells in the measurement of trace-gas oxygen, the use of Class B-1 percent concentration of oxygen measurement. Above the sensor accuracy, sensitivity and easy-to-use industry standard. Sensors in the production process through strict quality tests to ensure that the use of outstanding performance and reliability.
B-2 is a sealed electrochemical devices, electrode cleaning, maintenance and other add electrolyte. The oxygen sensor is the only response, it can be almost 100 percent accurate measurement of hydrocarbons in the oxygen.
Calibration is simple
Micro fuel cells produce signals in the linear range of 0-100%. Therefore, users can be air (209,500 ppm O2) calibration, without special ppm O2 gas range. If need a quick calibration, available ppm O2 gas range.
Rechargeable batteries
T1-311 power supply from the work of the built-in two Nicd battery, the battery is fully charged can be used 45 days. Rechargeable battery can be used repeatedly for several years. Instrument built-in charging circuit can accept 100 or 220 VAC, 50/60Hz power supply charge.
T1-311 provided a 0-1 VDC signal output, and optional adjustable alarm output.
Application Performance
Air separation range: Trace 0-10, 0-100, 0-1000, 0-10000
Pure gaseous hydrocarbon logistics monitoring and calibration range ppm O2
The percentage of semiconductor production 0-1, 0-2.5, 0-5, 0-10% O2 plus calibration
Protection gas range
Analysis of gaseous monomer ─ ─ vinyl chloride, propylene,
Butadiene, ethylene sensitivity: 0.5% FS
Gas purity analysis
Leak detection accuracy: +/- 2% FS (1ppm for 0-10ppm)
Transport and use of natural gas
Catalyst Protection Response time: T90 <61S
Inert gas welding protection
Nuclear fuel industrial systems operating temperature: 0-50 C
Chemical Reaction Analysis
Repeatability: +/- 1% FS
100 or 220 VAC charge sensor type: Class B-2 or B-2C (Trace)
Fast stainless steel joints Class B-1 (percentage of)
Stainless steel test pool
Special range power requirements: 311-100 rechargeable power supply 220 VAC or
Packed boxes 50/60Hz
Alarm (only 310)
Weight: 2.71kg
Range of 0-2 to 0-10000 PPM
Accuracy: +/- 2%
Operating temperature of 0-50
Oxygen Sensor: B-2C
Weight: 2.7KG