Sell Midwest Portable Digital Gas-sampling Integration Oxygen Analyzer

Midwest Portable Digital Gas-sampling Integration Oxygen Analyzer You May Also Be Interested In: cell sensor fuel cell oxygen analyzer
Model: ZHX18M311SQ
ZHX18M311 series Oxygen Analyzer does not require an external power supply, it will be convenient to carry out such analysis. ZHX18-M311 using patented micro fuel cell sensor on the kind of oxygen in the gas concentration measurement. The sensor dedicated to the measurement of oxygen, with absolute zero, a linear signal directly, does not require complicated conversion circuit.
ZHX18-M311-analyzer high precision, fast response, is a measure of H2, N2, Ar, He, acetylene, ethylene and butadiene,
CnHm oxygen content and other gases ideal instruments.
0 to 2000ppm
0 ~ 300000ppm + (calibration)
0.5% (full scale)
+/- 3% (full scale)
0 ~ 10ppm at +/- 1ppm
(At normal temperature and pressure)
Usage temperature:
F 50 ~ 122 (10 ~ 50 C)
Response time:
90%: 5 ~ 10s (10 ~ 2000ppm range)
90%: 60s (0 ~ 10ppm range)
+/- 1% (at room temperature)
Sensor type:
220V 50/60Hz
100-115V 50/60Hz (optional)
</=25 mA
Description: M311SQ in M31S increase on the basis of an integrated sampling, sampling includes flowmeter and vacuum pumps, vacuum pumps that as a zero-pressure or vacuum gas sampling and calibration of the air from a pump.