Sell Mifare S70, Mifare 4k Card, Mifare UL card, Sli-code Card

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We supply Mifare S50, S70, Mifare Ultralight, Mifare Desfire cards.

MIFARE ultralight has a 512-bit EEPROM read/write memory and is compatible with existing MIFARE infrastructures. Operating in accordance with ISO 14443A, MIFARE ultralight functions at a distance of up to 10 cm with true anti-collision properties and without the need for a battery. It enables the development of a complete electronic, contactless payment system for use in public transport systems and other applications.

1) Mifare Card Frequency 13. 56MHz
2) Mifare Card Type: MF1 S50 card, MF 1 S70 card, Mifare utralight card
3) Mifare Card Interface: ISO14443A
4) Mifare Card Memory: 1 Kbytes EEPROM, 4Kbytes EEPROM
5) A wide variety of transponder shapes, in addition to the classical ISO smart card transponder, are also available including watches, key fobs, disks, etc

A) 4KB, organized in 32 sectors with 4 blocks and 8 sectors with 16 blocks
(one block consists of 16 byte)
B) User definable access conditions for each memory block
C) Data retention of 10 years
D) Write endurance 100.000 cycles
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
300,000 pcs Per month
Available Colors
54*85*0.86 (mm)
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
6 days
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Sale
Warranty Coverage
three month free replacement, 1 year free maintenance