Sell Mighty Boy Resin Profiling Wheel

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Mighty Boy Special Profiler
The light weight provides easy operation, and workable by hand-held tools. It features accurate radius figure and the faster working than the sintered profilers.

DiaBoom Abrasives Inc. , manufactures high quality stone processing tools as follow for granite and marble.

[ Processing Tools ]
* Zero Tolerance Wheel ( Gear Wheel )
* Router ( Finger ) Bit
* DB Milling Wheel
* Profiling Wheel ( Sintered Profiler )
* Mighty Boy Special Profiler ( Resin Profiler )

We are proudly manufacturing many more kinds of polishing pads than any other manufacturers, and we are amongst very few makers who are continuously developing new products. For example, Resin Dry Polishing Pad & Genuine Metal Polishing Pad are made by ourselves under monopoly in Korea.

[ Polishing Tools ]
Wet Polishing Pad 5mm
Wet Polishing Pad
Engineered Stone Polishing Pad
Concrete Polishing Pad
Resin Dry Polishing Pad
Hexagon Dry Polishing Pad
Genuine Metal Polishing Pad
Metal Polishing Copper Pad
Floor Polishing Pad ( Resin )
Floor Polishing Pad ( Metal, Lippage )
Convex Polishing Pad
Edge Polishing Pad
Vitrified Polishing Pad
Polishing Drum
Polishing Belt
Electroplated Hand Polishing Block
Electroplated Honing, Polishing Disc
Back-Up Holder

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