Sell Mileage Correction Kit

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Mileage Correction Kit for VW/AUDI/BMW/Mercedes/Ford/Seat/Skoda

1. TachoPro (OBD2 ISO9141 Interface + TachoPro dongle integrated)
2. This compact interface will allow you to easily read/write/modify the mileage/km on your car without the need to remove the dash. It connects to the on-board diagnostics port located in your car. 3. This kit will also allow you to use it as a diagnostic ISO9141 compatible interface.
4. This tool is used daily by engineers all over the world and is very effective. The software is DOS based and in German, but very easy to use.
5. A laptop or PC is required, note that on very fast ones over 233 MHZ the software might not work.
Note: the above figures are provided by the permission of the manufacturer.

Interface is based on certified ISO9141 Bus Transceivers and RS232 level shifters
K-Line & L-Line (K/L Interface)
Bi-Colour status LED`s for K-Line & L-Line
Power LED
Powered from car battery over service cable
Service cables for BMW, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen included
Comfortable service cable length of 2,00 metres
Tachopro supports cars up to 1999 sometimes to 2001 (from model to model)
Supported Cars
Make Supported Models
AUDI A3/A4/A6 new VDO
A4 old VDO without FI A4 old VDO with FIS
A6 old VDO
A8 VDO before 10/96
A8 VDO after 11/96
E38/E39 High-Level up to SW15
E38/E39 low-Level up to SW15
E38/E39 High-Level Model 99
FORD Galaxy
MERCEDES W140/W129 up to 6/96 by combi-connector
A-class by diagnostic-connector
M-class by diagnostic-connector
Sprinter, V-Klasse by combi-connector
SEAT Alhambra
SKODA Oktavia
VW Golf, Passat, Bus T4 VDO
Golf A4 Model 2000
Passat B5 Magneti Marelli
Golf 4, Polo, Lupo Motometer
Sharan Magneti Marelli
New Beetle Magneti Marelli
Package Contents
1. Interface Tachopro version V2.00
2. Serial Cable RS232.
3. SAE Cable J1962 to DB9.
4. BMW Cable 20 pin to DB9.
5. Mercedes Cable 38 pin a DB9.
1. The TachoPro software might not work on PCs that are faster than 233 MHZ; therefore, you should get a computer slower than 233MHZ.
2. Make sure using the Tachopro Software under PLAIN DOS only, not under windows or a windows command shell. Please download the software (download it at here) and make sure that you know how to run it under PLAIN DOS mode.