Sell Milk Powder Full Creme

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Full Cream Milk Powder
Our minimum order is 1 20' container. We sell every kind of (cow) milk powder.

Specifications: Full Cream Milk Powder

Milk fat Min 26.00%milk powder
Moisture Max 4.00%
Protein Min 26.00%
Lactose Max 38.00%

Minerals Max 6.00%
Titratable Acidity Appx 0.15%
Ash Max 9.00%
Antibiotics Negative
Solubility Index Max 1.00ml
Ph 6.6
Bacterial Estimates Max 50,000 per gm.

Coli form Absent in 25gm
Yeast and Mold Max 10 per gm
Salmonella Negative in 25 gm
Staphylococcus Coag. Absent in 25 gm
Sediment Disc B
WPNI 1.5-5.99mg/g-medium heat
Appearance -Entirely free from lumps with a sweet desirable flavor. White creamy color
Shelf life 24 months from date of production
Thank you,
Joe Barone
Chehab Group Inc.