Sell Milk Powder and Other Dairy products

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We offer Dairy Products as follows:

Milk powder
Whole Milk powder, 26%, 4% moisture, 25 kg bag
Origin: Poland, Dutch
Skimmed Milk powder, 1.5%, 4% moisture, 25 kg. bag
Origin: Poland,

Milk powder can be delivered as instant, with or without vitamins. Packaging as 250g. , 500g. and in 2 kg. tins.

Infant Milk Powder - Origin: EU
Infant milk powder according to WHO regulations, 0-5 months, 400g.
Infant milk powder according to WHO regulations, 5-12 months, 400g.
Infant Milkpowder according to WHO regulations, 12 months and up, 400g.

Evaporated Milk,
Full Cream, 410g.
Full Cream, 170g.
Vegetable fat, 410g.
Origin:EU, Brazil

Sweet Condensed Milk,
Full Cream, 397g, 1000g. or 13 kg. buckets.
Vegetable fat, 397g.
With Coffee or Cocoa flavour, 397g. (only Full Cream)

Milkpowder for use in production.
KAD25, SMP 1.5% fat, moisture 4%
KAD26/17, FCMP 26% fat, fruit ice-cream prod.
KAD43/13, FCMP 43% fat, 3% moisture
KAD13/20, Semi Full Cream, 13% fat
KAD01/16, SMP high lactose, low protein
KAD05/19, Semi-Skimmed high lactose, low protein

Sweet Whey Powder
Demineralized Whey Powder

All products can be delivered under OEM or under No Name.

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