Sell Milking Machine Produce No:02 (Double pulsator and single container(40 lt. ) )

Milking Machine Produce No:02 (Double pulsator and single container(40 lt. ) ) You May Also Be Interested In: milking machine milking machines mobile system tire rim
Mobile System Milking Machines are economical and pratical machines for small and medium family enterprises. Due to its abality to maneuver , it is very comfortable to use it in very type of stable. Besides, it has characteristic to milk in pasture and grassy area with tractor air filter adaptor in non-electrical environments. The all machine models are equipped with kind of system and can be used

Technical Characteristics:
Mono phased , 220 volts, 50 Hz. ,1500 Rpm. ,3/4 Hp Electricity Motor, Dry Pump with capacity }f 210 liters(+-5%) in 40 cm/hg. C/2000 NT pulsator (40/60) , rustproof or alumimum jug, the charecter for milking 10-20 seeps or goats at the same time in every hour f}r each milking unit. (For example:20-24 seeps or goats in double milking machine) . Chassis is with electrostic , metallic oven paint resisted to rusting and rotting. The transporting wheels of our mo}dels with car are with plastic tire rim.
Brand Name
Kral Makina
Condition of Goods
Model Number
Power Requirements
220 Volt, 50 Hz,1500 Rpm
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