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Name:Millet protein concentrate (feed grade)
Country of Origin:Shandong China
Standard Met:Z/BD C001--2005
Specifications:Coarse protein>=64% fat<=5% Moisture <=10%
Class:Gluten Meal
About this product:
Millet egg white powder:The millet calls that" want the rice" is so called the millet of" the hair food valley" to shed skin, sieve, smash, skim first again, after make the medicine equipments to withdraw the medicine composition, the rice and peanut milk water of the surplus, again the very high product of protein content that get after concentrated and dry. The color and luster is a golden color, because of its egg white content higher enrich the nourishment composition with animals, such as calcium, lin and iron. . . etc. need again, in recent years animal feed in extensive usage, with it the content that increase the protein, have become the animal feed to prepare to mix to anticipate of carry the body.
The millet egg white powder is millet after process to withdraw the medicine material of by-product, because of its protein content higher and imply abundant amino acids, to the function that the birds livestock have the furtherance anti- disease, strengthen the animal to guide to eat sex and skins to apply color, the increment animal to the utilization of the animal feed.
Packing: packed with 25kg , 40kg,50kg, 900kg,1000kg PP woven bags/25kg,50kg paper-plastic bags/mark
Export Markets:Global
Payment Details:Irrevocable L/C at sight and T/T
Min order:20ton
Ship Date: in 5 days
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Irrevocable L/C at sight and T/T