Sell Milling Plants for Food Flours and Semolinas

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Agrex Spa is a company that for many years has specialized in the design and manufacture of modular, compact type milling plants for cleaning, conditioning and milling a variety of grains (Hard and Soft Wheat, Maize, Spelt-Tricum Spelta, Buckwheat, Kamut, Oat, Millet, Rye, Rice, Barley, Chickpea) to obtain high quality food flours and semolinas with a grinding capacity range goes from 7 to 150 ton/24h. Agrex Mill though requiring minimal floor space (20 to 200 square metres) and building height (max. 7,5 metres), incorporates all aspects of the flow including cleaning, conditioning, degermination (for maize), milling and packing all in one area of the building on a single floor to facilitate easy and effective operator control and supervision. Its important to note that the building does not need to be adapted to the mill, so already existing building can be used: AGREX ENABLE YOU TO SET UP A MILL AT CONSIDERABLY LOWER CAPITAL COSTS THAN A CONVENTIONAL MILL DESIGNED AROUND A MULTI FLOOR BUILDING.