Sell Mimosa Pudica (Can Flower)

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Characteristic:(Moveable plant) It will close and droop in the evening or is touched. It has little pink flowers, very lovely.

Planting method:
1. Open the scupper at the bottom and then open the lid of the tin, slowly and evenly water into the tin till surplus water flow out the scupper (please avoid the material flowing out the tin , otherwise the seeds will be washed away or not germinate)
2. Give sufficient sunlight, fresh air. It is sunlight-loved plant.
3. Ideal temperature:18-32C.
4. Period of budding: 6-10 days (environmental temperature will affect the period. )
5. Watering method: Keeping the material moisture before budding. Water once a day or every two days after budding in summer. It is enough to keep the water about 1/8 volume of the tin. While it grows and the calyx is formed, increase the water by 20%.
6. While the seedling is 6-8cm high, keep one healthy baby bud inside the tin for cultivation, the rest can be planted elsewhere. If sunlight and fresh air are not sufficient, the buds will be light green or stop to grow.