Sell Mine Hoisting Winch

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We are worldwide supplyer in the design and manufacture of complete mine hoisting winch, including
Single drum winch
Double drum winch
We have extensive and unrivalled experience in designing and manufacture mine hoisting winch that best meets the customers requirements. Our winch has many features and benefits 1. Hoist reliability
2. Availability and performance.
3. Reliable and efficient designs.
4. High quality steel made
5. Every design meet the customers requirements.
Mine Hoisting Winch Technology Data
Model Rope quantity Rope diameter(mm) Rated pull force Motor power(KW) Weight
JZM-25/800 1 52mm 250KN 55KW 20Mt
2JZM-25/800 2 52mm 250KN 75KW 37Mt
2JZM-25/1350 2 52mm 250KN 75KW 38Mt
JZM-40/1350 1 60.5 400KN 75KW 38Mt