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KL3LM-A MinerS Headlamps

main technical:
1 Rating voltage 3.7V
2 Rating capability 3Ah
3 Lighting duration(main lamp-house) 18H
The real duration is more
4 intensity of illumination(main lamp-house) beginning >=1500LX 1meter from the lamp
After 11hours >=1100
5 LED average current main lamp-house 150MA
secondary lamp-house 90MA
6 Charge protective voltage 4.210.05V
7 Discharge protective voltage 3.010.05V
8 Battery circular life >=500CIRCLE
9 size 53X65X60MM
10Weight 0.12KG

1. This series helmet lamp is connected lampholders together with battery. The lamp head can be fixed on mine safety helmets.
2. The battery adopts advanced lithium-ion battery and its capacity could make as 1.5-3AH.
3. The lamp is designed with sealed wearling loop for corrosion-proof, shock-proof and explosion-proof.
4. 10leds for two light sources: one is ten lighting for main light and another two light for auxiliar light. The LEDs are connected in parallel, so if one LED fails the rest will still operate independently.
5. Small in size , light in weight, simple charging, easy useage.