Sell Mineral Water Purifier

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Detailed Selling Lead Description
1) Streamlined and contemporary design
2) Micro-hole ceramic filter
3) Granule active coconut shell carbon cartridge
4) Removes chlorine, chemicals, bacteria and rusts
5) Releases inorganic mineral element for the human body needing
6) Eliminates odors and improves taste
7) Fills water supply and drink directly

1) Ceramic filter: The purification function is working through physical filtration.
Almost of the bacteria, suspending and rust are larger than the ceramic micron
hole. During the water flow through ceramic filter, these partials will be
stopped at the surface of the ceramic filter. It has one advantage, that is ceramic
can be cleaned by waterproof abrasive paper. It works again after cleaning
2) Coconut active carbon: removes chlorine, organic chemicals, unpleasant odors,
colors and acid component and improve taste
3) Mineral sand: releases inorganic mineral element and longer the water freshness
4) Bio-ceramic ball: adds oxygen and minerals that our body needs