Sell Mineral water from Bulgaria

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We offer you the mineral water with trade mark AQUA TRAKIA

Choosing AQUA TRAKIA, you are choosing the ELIXIR OF LIFE, because the natural mineral water AQUA TRAKIA is an exceptional combination of healthy qualities and good taste. It springs out from depth of 500m. , and it comes to you in its natural state. The total mineralization of the water is 0.497 g/l. It is characterized as hypothermal, low mineralized, hydro carbonic - sulfate - sodium without sanitary, chemical or microbiological pollution symptoms.
The natural mineral water AQUA TRAKIA is obtained from source Vojvodinovo which is situated in the heart of Golden Thrace. With its balanced and stable physic-chemical composition the water AQUA TRAKIA can be used daily as a natural mineral water and also it can be used for prevention and therapy.

The natural mineral water AQUA TRAKIA has the following certificates:
a) Certificate issued by the Health Ministry of Bulgaria;
c) Kosher Certificate
d) EN ISO 9001:2000
e) HACCP ELOT 1416

It was also awarded a Gold medal at the International Spring Fair - Plovdiv 2003 and it can be exported and sold worldwide.

We hope you will prefer our ecology pure, high quality and wonderful tasting natural mineral water Aqua TRAKIA.