Sell Mini Digital Vidicon

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1. This a multi-functional, energy-saving and the minimum digital vidicon, it's convenient to be brought and integrate with picture-taking, video, recording, MP3, "U" disk, disk-reading
2. High Clear Picture-taking with pixels of 3 million.
3. Video file: 352*288 resolution Picture-taking file: 1024*1280 resolution 30 frame/s
4. Video format: AVI, player recommended: storm
5. High-sensitive Microphone can record voice with 64 sqm clearly and play without any cacophony.
6. High-quality MP3 play with stereo
7. Inner stock is 1GB(can extend to 4GB) which can record over 3 hours
8. Built-in high-volume polymer Li-battery can video for 90 minutes, and charge continuously with equipment along
with the machine.
9. USB2.0 standard access without drive and out power
10. Suitable for any computer and other electronic equipments with USB access.
11. Fast data reading speed: 900k/700k bit/s(relevant to main machine speed)