Sell Mini Jacuzzi Memo Dispenser

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Dream about relaxing in a Jacuzzi during a busy work day? This mini Jacuzzi memo dispenser will make your dream come true. Well, at least it will give you something to look forward to the end of the day. This memo dispenser is a practical stationary which add extra sense of humor to your desk.

material quality :Plastic
color: Powder/green/blue
packing: Color box
treasure description: Tired, has been stranded, rests the meeting! Is the life short so is earned why bother a living oneself. Lives happily, but the most popular topic, is a happy live person immediately! Looks for a time to soak a hot spring, relieves of a body exhausted and the dust, lets the mind and bodily through comfortable. Retrieves itself, makes really from, had feared that loses also has itself. MEMO clamps may also design this, can not but admire the intention which and the creativity so gives up affectation from the designer. Comes, has one's wish, for makes SPA! Superficial, at fingertips doodle. . . Good!
Supply Capacity
20000000 pcs
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
10 days
Minimum Order Quantity
500 pcs
Terms of Sale