Sell Mini Nail Polishing Machine (SD-28)

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Voltage: 110V-220V 60Hz/50Hz
Maximum speed: 20,000 RPM
Torque: 140GF. CM
Quantity: 24 pcs
Carton size: 44*30.5*26
Gross weight: 9.5kg
Net weight: 8.5kg

Mini Polish Nail Machine 1pcs
Transformer 1pcs
Diamond bits 5pcs
Emery tube 4pcs
Emery tube rod 1pcs
Operating instructions 1pcs

1. This tool is design for carver, engrave, grind, sharpen, sand, polish, drill and more.
2. Unplug the tool form electrical outlet before loading a bit.
3. Press shaft lock button. Use the collet wrench the collet nut. Inset the bit (not included) , and tighten the collet securely. But avoid excess tightening of the collet nut and never use a damaged bit.
4. There is an ON/OFF switch. When the switch is on, the tool runs at 20,000 RPM. There is a switch indicator with an orange line on it. Be sure slide the switch to the black dot.
5. When finished, turn off the tool and unplug it.
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