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Brand:Etross or OEM brand
Model: PC Station M800
Product Name: Multi user Network Computer Terminal

PC Station is one kind of Multi-user Network Computer Terminal without CPU or hard disk,
It connects to Host Computer over standard Ethernet networks using the User eXtension
Protocol (UXP) , enabling each PC Station user to surf the Internet, play games,
and can realize Internet application of ASP, instant messenger, Email, office suites
software, photo manager software, multimedia software and so on independently and synchronously.
Features & Advantages:
Saving cost:
It can save 80% hardware cost equivalent to buy Pentium 4 or the same performance, and also
can expand your original host computer for home, office users more easily.

No need maintenance:
Just only need to maintain and update the host. No need hardware maintenance, but need
update the service software of the host

Simultaneously operating with system:
Host and PC Station etross-M800 can simultaneously and independently operate the same programme.

PC Station etross-M800 can operate the programme of the host: browse the web, mail, office software
and most of games (except for the 3D games and older programme) .

Dexterous design:
Small cubage saves more working room.

Low consumption:
Protecting the working environment, meanwhile saving the 98% power cost.

Long- distance access and control:
PC Station share etross-M800 applies to the TCP/IP of Ethernet, so it is
available to access to the host in home or office (but need some certain band
width and public net IP address) : and you can control and access to the
pc stations by host.

Easy installation:
Only needs to install service software on the host, then connect the host
to PC Station etross-M800 by mesh wire, no needs the installation software
on the terminal, neither other devices.

Suit for:
Especially for: office, call center, training center, factory, school, coffee,
government, library etc.

Weight $Size:
280mm (L) x 170mm (W) x 70mm (H) , 550g

Operating system requirements:
CPU: 2 GHZ or above (noted: need multi-thread processing technology)
RAM: 512MB or more memory
Be available to access to the keyboard, mouse, display, speaker, mesh wire, USB device.
100 fast switch Ethernet HUB connecting multi-station to host (or connecting by line of
intersection if 1 to 1) .
Brand Name
Etross or OEM brand
Supply Capacity
2000Pieces / Month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
280mm(L)x 170mm(W)x 70mm(H)
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
2working days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
110 or 240 volts
Terms of Payment
T/T,Western Union
Terms of Sale
Warranty Coverage