Sell Mini Sewing Machine, Gift

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Hand held or desk top sewing machine,
Fix, mend or repair in seconds,
Use instead of your big bulky machine.
Ideal for homeowners, offices, students, craftspeople.
Light weight, compact and portable,
Power Supply: AA 1.5Vx4 or AC/DC 6V 800MA(excluded) ,
Optional colors,
CE Certification,
1. Use hand wheel to raise the needle to the top position, lift the cloth pressing board by using the back handle and then put the cloth;
2. Put down cloth pressing board, clockwise rotate hand wheel for some rounds to switch on for start sewing.
3. There is an adjusting speed switch in the back of the machine, it has "high" and "low" gears, when it is pressed, it is high speed gear, press it again, when it rises, it is low speed gear.
4. Use hand for guiding cloth for straight movement of turn. Make it move naturally and do not pull forcefully so as to avoid breaking or jumping of thread.
5. Turn of motor after use and rotate hand wheel to raise the needle to the top position. Pull out the thread from needle for 15~25mm and cut the thread. Attention: do not pull forcefully thread or cloth so as to avoid damage to machine part or needle.
6. Raise cloth pressing board by using cloth pressing board handle. Lightly pull out cloth, upturn the sewed cloth and draw out thread, then knot in accordance with attached drawing 2.
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