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1. TDP Single Punch Tablet Press
This machine is designed for pressing tablets from various granular materials, which is used for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, hospital, and is applicable in lab or produce in small amount different kinds of tablet, sugar piece, calcium tablet and tablet of abnormal shape. It features a small desktop type press for motive and control sheeting. It can also be hand -operated easy to be operated and maintained, small volume, light weight. One set of punch and de is mounted the depth of the filling material tablet press and thickness of the tablets can be adjusted.

high precision of filling, low-noise, low-consumption of material, and it works smoothly. The minimum consumption of lab material is just 200g.
It is a good machine designed for the lab used for research and for development in hospital and industry and for small-scale production.
Special Features:
Glossy Finished Stainless Steel Belt Cover
Better Built and Most Affordable in its Class!
Larger Diameter Tablets up to 14mm
Presses both Round and Irregular Tablets
Larger Motor and Compression Force
Power Source: 220V, 50Hz, Single Phase, AC or base your inquiry.
Includes One (01) Free Set of Round Punch and Die
Lab Use Only--Not suitable for mass production
Friendly Support and Prompt Services
TDP-1.5, TDP-5, TDP-6,

Max. Pressure(KN) 15 50 60
Max. Dia of Tablet(mm) 12 20 25
Max. Depth of Fill(mm) 12 18 16
Max. Thickness of Tablet(mm) 6 6 10
Production Capacity(PC/h) 5000 5000 4000
Motor 550w1400r/min 750w1400r/min 1100w1400r/min
Machine Size(mm) 570*380*630 650*440*650 580x600x700
Weight(Kg) 92.5 125 160
2. Tablet Screening Device TS-800
The TS-800 Duster is an auxiliary mechanism of High Tablet Press to remove some powder stuck on surface of tablets in pressing process. It is also equipment for conveying tablets, lump drugs, or granules with dustless, and can be suitable for joining with an absorber or a blower as a vacuum cleaner, with its high efficiency, better dust-free effect, lower noise and easy maintenance. The TS-800 duster is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical food industry, etc.

1) . Design of GMP
2) . Double layers screen structure, separating tablet & powder
3) . V-shape design for the powder-screening disk, polished efficiently
4) . Speed and amplitude adjustable
5) . Easily operating and maintaining
6) . Operating reliably and low noise.

Output 800000 tablet/h
Max. noise small than 82 dB
Dust scope 3 m
Atmospheric pressure 0.4Mpa 2 barometric
Powder supply 220V/110V , 50Hz/60Hz
Overall Size 510*510*880 mm
Weight 62 kg
3. ZN400 Single Plate Capsule and Tablet Counting and Filling Machine
This machine applied to pharmaceutical . hospital . food etc industries , to the capsule , tablet . grain etc pharmacy or food counting . whole machine made by stainless steel . the cubage is small , weight is light . counting is accurate . operation is freely. It is the perfect machine to relate industry bottle packing . bag packing , can packing etc.

1) . counting plate diameter: 400mm
2) . hole quantity of the plate: 5-100(optional)
3) . Product capacity : 12-26 bottle (bag) /min
4) . Motor power : 550W
5) . Power:220V Single phrase 50HZ.
6) size : 600*500*700
7) weight: 48KG.
4. Hand-held electric magnetic sensing aluminum foil Sealer
1) . Power supply: single-phase AC 200V 50HZ
2) . Export power: 500W
3) . Sealing diameter dimension: 10-120mm, three type: (10-60mm) (45-100mm) (75-120mm)
4) . Bottle height: no restrict.
5) . Sealing speed: Take the 33mm plastic bottle for example, the sealing speed is about 0.9 second.
6) . Time adjust: two LED numeral show, 0.1-2.9second
7) . Work style: automatic control at interval
8) . overall size: machine case 310*300*170mm3(L*W*H)
9) weight: 5kg
5. Hand-holder Electric Capping Gun
The machine can be work with 220 voltage, The output voltage within 36V is safe to body. But the outer of transformer must touch with earth in case electrification. The transfer has three timing gears. The user can choose suited gear according to the size of pitch strand.
The capping gun aptness is strong. The bottle cap diameter at 10mm-50mm also can be applied. The cap of Aerosol, Essential Balm also can be applied. Some businesses use the hand-holder electric capping gun instead of autonomic capping machine in order to save cost. The efficient is very good.
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Mini tablet line
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220v of 110v 50/60HZ
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