Sell Mini USB Paper Shredder

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This usb mini paper shredder is great for shredding post-it notes, bank receipt, credit card receipt, name card and documents. It can shred a6 documents on the go as long as it powered by batteries or USB. On the side of mini paper shredder is a letter opener. It's great for shredding post-it notes. After you finished a task you can get pleasure by leaning back and shred the post-it note the task had been written down on. It provides lots conveniences for you and it is also a space-saving tool for use in office or at home.

Main features:
Newly designed PC accessories (business and office equipment)
Shreds A6 documents (an A4 sheet folded in two)
Shredded paper width: 3.5mm
Designed to shred any 4.8-inch paper into tiny strips
Shredding capacity: Two sheets
Container capacity: 1.6l
On, off and reverse switch
Usb powered or four aa" batteries