Sell Mini Video Spy Camera

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1. The integrated design of ultra-small alloy body, to facilitate easy video recording and monitoring on various occasions;
2. With PC camera function, to easily enjoy the network life;
3. AVI format of video recording, to facilitate PC to plug and place directly
and to easily upload video website;
4. With low illumination, 3 million high-definition camera;
5. Synchronous display of time recording video;
6. High-speed dynamic video recording, instant response to light enivronment;
7. Video output: 640*480 @ 20/30 frames/sec;
8. Photo output: 1600*1200
9. Built-in lithium battery can last more than 4 hours at work;
10. Support 32G memory cards at maximum;
11. Fool-type operation, integrated light-control indication;
12. Omni-directional small universal bracket, to reach the holistic view of
recording/monitoring function;
13. Easy installation method, suitable for a variety of material carriers and
complex occasions.
14. Weight: 35g/PCS
15. Measure: 78x33x12mm