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This kind of product is a mini-air cleaner, which can be carried about with you wherever you are. This kind of product mainly provides you clear air with negative ions, which is helpful for you health. Negative ions are honored of vitamin of the air. They have an action of killing bacteria, getting rid of smoke and dusts. Air with negative ions also does well in accelerating the process of metabolism, advancing bodys ability of immunity, reducing blood pressure, protecting blood vessel of heart and brain, refreshment, and keeping you away from tired, etc. Main technology targets:
1. Concentration of negative ions: >= 3,000,000/cm3;
2. Concentration of ozone : <=0.16mg/m3;
3. Input voltage:3.6V;
4. Rating power: < 1W;
5. Time for used of battery (each time refresh) : >= 20 hours.