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The Miniscan OBDII Diagnostic Scanner allows you to access your OBDII vehicles data. Vehicle data, which was only available to dealership technicians using expensive proprietary scan tools, is now available to every people who has a Miniscan! Miniscan is the prime choice for users keen on DIY.

1. Scanners support 13 protocols and you can use two modes to scan which includes Auto scan mode and Manually scan mode;
2. Miniscan tool can support from model $1 to model$ 9;
3. More than 70 vehicle manufacturer built-in for you.
4. DTCs include Generic (P0, P2, P3, B0, U0 and C0) & manufacturer specific (P1, P3, B1, B2 , U1 and C1, C2, ) codes.
5. 80 percent trouble codes have help information in scan tool.
6. Scan tool has Black Mask OLED. You can read the content of scanner smoothly when in strong light.
7. DTC definitions are written in user friendly words rather than obscure technical terms.

Miniscans Main Diagnostics menu :

~ Read Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
~ Clear trouble codes
~ View real-time vehicle operation data (Data stream)
~ View Freeze Frame data
~ View I/M readiness
~Read O2 Monitor Test data
~Read On-Board Mon. Test
~Component Test
~View the vehicles information

The Miniscan OBDII Diagnostic Scanner is the perfect scan tool to make you diagnose a problem more easily!
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